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Dear Listeners, By all our measures Cannabis Radio News has been a success and is now part of a larger, more comprehensive entity, Marijuana Public Media. For the many of you who subscribe to our email alert, please go to our new home and sign up there. We will leave the CRN site up for a week or so, but all content is available at our new web address... listen

Cannabis Radio News #17

In this post-election edition, Taylor Bickford, spokesperson for Measure 2 in Alaska describes the surprising coalition that formed to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana. Peter Zuckerman, Communications Director for New Approach Oregon also describes unexpected support for legalization in the Beaver State.  Brian Franklin, spokesperson for Florida’s Amendment 2, says the narrow loss of the medical marijuana initiative there is in many ways a victory.  In the District of Columbia,... listen

Inside the Hearings to Reclassify Marijuana

In a case that could change the relationship between states and the federal government regarding marijuana, a US district judge in Sacramento, California held a three-day hearing recently that challenged the federal status of cannabis.  At issue is classification of marijuana by the US Drug Enforcement Administration as a “Schedule I” drug, a ranking system established in the early 1970s, and Schedule I is the same classification given to... listen

Brookings Fellow on Crucial “Marijuana Midterms”

Brookings Institution Fellows John Hudak and Philip Wallach recently published a concise guide to the three major marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot this November in Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia  … CRN’s Brian Bahouth spoke with John Hudak about his findings … listen

Cannabis Radio News #16

Election Edition: Adam Eidinger, Chariman of the DC Cannabis Campaign, tells us about what could be the most important legalization initiative on any ballot. Ben Pollara Campaign Manager for United for Care told me that win or lose, the effort to pass a medical marijuana law in Florida has been a win for the movement.  David Boyer, Maine Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project reflects on the year-long... listen

Florida Poised to Vote on Medical Marijuana

On November 4, Florida voters will decide whether seriously ill residents should be allowed to use medical marijuana with a valid doctor’s recommendation and whether the state should register and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries.  Should Question 2 garner the requisite number of “yes” votes, Florida would become the 24th state to adopt a medical marijuana law and the first to do so in the South.  With less than a week before... listen

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